Pasta Classes

Hey! We're Erich & Danielle. We run Tiny Market Co & personally teach all of our in-house pasta classes! 

Curious to know more about our private pasta classes?!

Our pasta classes are $75/per person and are usually 3 - 3 1/2 hours. We book classes from Friday-Sunday, with start times ranging from 3:30-6:30 depending on the given days availability. They are private classes, so the class would consist of you and whoever else you choose to bring! The classes are held in our kitchen at 938 Bathurst street in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood. Everything is provided - aprons, equipment, ect.

During the class we'd make whichever 2 pastas you pick from our pasta list (our pasta list ranges from short noodle, long noodle and filled pastas) as well as fettuccine or spaghetti at the end with the pasta trim! You get to take home all of the pasta as well. Once you inquire via email, you will be able to check out our full pasta list with accompanying photos. 

For an additional $25/person, we also offer a home cooked meal! Each person would get to try 2 different pasta dishes, one being a portion of one of the pastas you make yourself in class, paired with a house made sauce. The second dish would be a house made noodle, also paired with a house made sauce.  

Email for more info &/or to book your class!

Looking forward to seeing you at the shop! :)